These summer storms don’t just lead to greener grass and wet cars, sometimes a storm can lead you to some wood.

A few weeks ago, one of Richard’s friends called about someone in Oglethorpe County who had multiple trees fall around her house. She had moved to an old house out there and was fixing it up. When she called Richard, she described the incident in the video here. We believe it was a microburst, and it knocked down more than 15 trees.

Now in most cases, we would not have taken on such a job, but because she was a friend of a friend, we thought we should at least take a look. Once we got to the site, we found that the trees were just too beautiful to let go to the landfill—white oaks and red oaks mostly, but they were big and made our trip out there worth it.

Richard’s friend didn’t have the funds (or insurance) to clean up the mess nature had made, but we thought the trees were just too nice and were screaming to be respected and turned into beautiful things. So we covered the clean-up process, which was a big risk since the clean-up required us to get the trees out in good shape for milling.

This video shows what it looked like after the storm. We’ve now cleared off the trees and stumps, and the wood is stacked at two mills as well as the Watson Springs woodyard.

We plan to sell some of this wood to recoup our costs for cleaning up the property, but we’ll also keep a lot of the wood so Richard can work his magic on it.

Come back and see what we do with it or let us know if you’re interested in using some of these gorgeous pieces!